by The Pope Virgins

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released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


The Pope Virgins San Diego, California

Street punk band from San Diego, California.


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Track Name: Keep Your Beer Closer But Your Cocaine Closer
we fight amongst ourselves
Act like we're twelve
Morals on a shelf
Unity seems absurd
Your blood on my shirt
We hurt the hurt

This is what punk was meant to be
The struggle for equality
Bite your tongue as you agree with me
This self awareness is hurting me
And just keeps hurting

Give me beer give me drugs
I'm no hippie
fuck your hugs
Give me violence
Give me sex
Yet I feel so oppressed

A lethargic mindset of things we all know
We know what's wrong but we choose to ignore
The fire in our hearts for a better tomorrow
You want a fun night and a lifetime of sorrow
A lifetime of sorrow

Drives me
Like selfishness
Drives you
My song
Your thoughts

No one really care anymore
I'm just a whore
For attention and affection
From this scene

A feeling of nothing I say will ever matter
It's just background noise so it gets sadder
You're the denotation to your selfish apathy
And I would be next to you if it was up to me
It's not up to me
Track Name: Confessions
I spill my blood
I mock my pain
But let me explain
Yeah I'm not insane
No one cares and no one is here
I hear faded voices in my hears
They creep inside my fucked up head
They tell me that I'm better off dead
Maybe they're right
Maybe they're wrong
I encourage them
My confession song
I get on my knees
And I'm feeling weak
Where are you god?
And what have you done to me
Walk five minutes in my shoes
And I promise you
You won't wanna talk to me ever again
Just don't leave me in my darkest day
I'm praying for you
That you would pray for me
Track Name: God is Sold
Feeling tired? Feeling pain?
Tip some dollars it will go away
Donations not for salvation
they are to benefit gods situation
Hes untaxed so pockets it
pocketful he has fun with it
He fucking loves fucking your kids
someone shoot these fucking pricks

Hes unreliable he is un-taxable
he's almighty he's all powerful
He’ll take your money he'll take your soul
can't you see god is sold

Feeling tired? Feeling pain?
Have no money? Please go away
Sold out shows across the country
false hope for your fucking money
Selling books of the blackest jew
to brainwash me to brainwash you
Celebrate and lynch for your boss!
celebrate and lynch for your boss!

Religious lies has promoted slaughter
No we are drowning in holy water
Raped our sons oppressed our daughters
Don't forget to leave some dollars

God has sold his soul!
Track Name: Americock
They say it's wrong to burn a flag
but rape is fine while in iraq
That's how uncle sam keeps you in line
parade fireworks and jesus christ

Maybe if i sing in a softer voice
You will stop being the systems little toy
Bury the lies they have told
It's your mind and it's your choice
We pray to transdimensional zombies
From socially oppressive fairytales
Act delusional pretend to see him
Thanks him for our big guns and big shells
While you worship the red white and blue
A little kid gets raped with no lube
Support and justify his american dick
It makes me wanna vomit it makes me sick
Were not the bad guys here
Just open your ears
Mute all of the cheers
Their screams are near

Bribing our kids with free education
See this world destroy other nations
A troop, a son, a rapist, a savior
Oppression is the american behavior
The women who fight for this country
Only to get raped by the military
Fueling sexism with our tax money
Dont snitch or tell its not manly
The bombs drop fireworks in the sky
Listen closely as the children cry
Wondering why his family had to die
Cheers and beers a victory tonight
Women and children scream
It haunts me in my dreams
A lullaby for you
A nightmare for me
Track Name: Chromes Lullaby
doot doot doot
Track Name: City Streets
you're so tired and unwanted
You wanna go home where you belong
Where the sidewalks are so haunted
We go home and sing this song

You belong and I belong you belong and I belong
On the city streets

Now you're wasted and alone
You woke up not far from home
You went back to say goodbye
This is it where we will die
Track Name: Muhnolo
Sitting there drinking your energy drinks
Judging girls being a sexist little prick
And when we confront you you act oblivious
Compulsive narcissistic consciousness
Is what you have

And your friends are having dinner with each other
There's an open seat and they look at one another
You would fit perfectly but no one wants you there
No one wanted you in high school no one wants you anywhere
And nobody invites you anywhere you invite yourself so get over yourself ha!

Because you're a liar and a thieve
A rat a fucking walking disease
All the friends you have are because of me
They're good people they feel sorry for you
Unlike me
Remember when you called that girl Jenny a whore
Now you're all horny you knocking at her door
Track Name: Process of Elimination
It's started with democracy
Led to a system of mediocrity
50 million in poverty
That's 50 million broken dreams
Yeah people like you and me
People who always sweat and bleed
For a system that we don't need
For a system that we don't need
And I want every politician dead
But 20 grow when you cut off a head
This capitalist monster will always be fucking fed
Unless you fight it but you rather give it head

Not my vote! Not my say! Death to the American way! Give me liberty! Or Give me death! Won't be miserable another day! Terror and evil will take its toll! We are doomed to anger and war! I want my fucking say!

And I'm questioning everything I see
This smoke and mirrors called democracy
This capitalist agenda will never let us be
I'll advised supporters will never let us free

Founded this nation by our greed
Hate and war is all I see
Democracy is a fucking lie
A symbol of hope? Not my vote not my say
Track Name: Humes Paradox
All kinds of authoritarian structures ought to be challenged. Very few of them can resist that challenge they survive mainly because they are not challenged. However they are not as strong as they appear. There's a point made by David Hume a couple hundred years ago that's worth a ring in mind. He asks how does power sustain itself? If you think about it… the power is always in the hands of the people who are oppressed.its in the hands of the governed… they really have the power. This is true especially in the most oppressive society we call the totalitarian society. If the power is in the hands of the governed how come they submit themselves to the authority to the authority of others? Is it forces? Elements? He said the real element is opinion. He said you have to make sure you control the opinion of the people. Meaning make them believe… make them saturate their mind with ideology. Carry out what we would call propaganda. Control their opinion and you've got them. You change their aspirations, you restrict their aspirations to personal things, comotamies. To break down natural bonds amongst the people, force them to forget what they understand. That they want freedom, independence, and justice…
Track Name: Unnamed Poem
Species essence
My way of expression
To escape alienation
From this capitalist nation
And what's the real difference
Between the bourgeoisie
And the fucking owner of
A slave plantation

I'll serenade myself
Escape from this hell
What you think I say
Different but in pain
As the population grows
The slaves are more
Where does the wealth go
And why are we afraid

We should stand tall
We write the poem
And the towers fall
And we burn the malls
Doesn't that sound great?
It all starts with a poem
No more hunger no more pain
But everyone is afraid to change

You wrote the chorus
You wrote the verse
All these thoughts
They're a curse
Unnamed poem
No one will read
Unnamed poem
Tittle doesn't need it
Track Name: Now He Watches Anime
Summer with a leather jacket and spiky hair
Debating on what combat boots to fucking wear
drunk before he goes out the fucking door
fucks your girlfriend before the street punk show
And then he punched a guy
With one punch he almost died
Elbows up side to side
In the pit everyone cries
A motherfucking legend
My motherfucking friend
Now he's sitting in his little couch
Watching anime without a doubt
Anime anime sucks
Track Name: Virgins Good,Trump Bad
Donald trump your followers
are retarded just like you
Your campaign should suck
my dick you know it's true

Kill Donald trump
With my dick

We all know you raped your wife
You ugly mother fucker
You wanna make America great
Again well we say fuck her